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Monday 9.28.20

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Local Business Growth Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies that have helped local businesses get up to 150 new customers, even during Covid 

Million Dollar Business Mindset Secrets

Money making secrets which have helped business owners reach beyond their goals 

Team Alignment Strategies

Strategies to get your leadership and team aligned, engaged and focused on the same priorities 

Social Media Success For Local Businesses

Learn strategies you can implement right away on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Podcasting


(Yes, even during a global pandemic)

If you're a local business owner or manager, you are invited to join this FREE one-day virtual summit and learn the same strategies, mindsets, leadership techniques, and marketing skills that we've used to help hundreds of businesses grow during every situation imaginable including the current global pandemic

Our team of presenters have worked with many local and small businesses such as Society Salon and Graham Brothers, tech-start ups, major brands such as Best Buy and Beats by Dre, and even celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Paul McCartney, Justin Timberlake and many more...

At this virtual event you are going to learn big picture business and marketing strategies plus easy social media tips on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn which you can implement right away to grow your business.

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Every expert will host their own Live Q&A session in addition to their presentation

Sachin Jhangiani

The Raving Fan Method
For Local Businesses:

10:10 AM

Learn how to get more clients, grow your business and turn it into a brand using the Raving Fan Method, yes this works even during a global pandemic

Q&A AT 1:00 PM
Gerry Watkins

Money Making
Mindset Secrets

11:15 AM

Discover and learn to implement the mindset secrets that can help grow your local business and make you more money

Q&A AT 1:00 PM
Tim McGeehan

Align Your Team
For Success

12:15 PM

Learn and skills to get your team and staff engaged, focused and aligned

Q&A AT 1:00 PM
David Silvernale

Google and
Google Maps

1:45 PM

Learn how to leverage local searches on Google and Google Maps to profitably get more clients every month on autopilot

Q&A AT 4:15 PM
Cahill Camden

Secrets Of
Leveraging LinkedIn

2:30 PM

Learn the strategies to find and connect with your ideal clients on the largest digital business network

Q&A AT 1:00 PM
Regina Revazova

You Should Have
Your Own Podcast

3:15 PM

Learn why podcasting is right for you and your business and how you can start your own podcast

Q&A AT 1:00 PM
Dian Oved

Mastering Social
Media Exposure

3:45 PM

In this rapid-paced ear of media and marketing, learn how to build the perfect platform to optimize your content

Q&A AT 1:00 PM

Meet The Speakers

Who've have helped hundreds of business grow, even during the most uncertain times

Sachin Jhangiani is the founder of        Raving Fan Marketing Agency

Sachin and Raving Fan help local businesses succeed and grow using his “Raving Fan Method”, which focuses on understanding the behavioral patterns of an ideal customer and then implements a strategy focused on visibility, attraction and proof which drive an incredible growth of new customers and turns existing ones into Raving Fans.

During this current pandemic, many of Raving Fan’s local business clients have seen growth of 20-150 new customers every month. 

Gerry Watkins is Business and              Mindset Coach

Gerry Watkins has been a successful local business owner in Scottsdale, Arizona since the 1980s when he started his own salon called Regent Street.  Later, he partnered with Toni and Guy to open the their first salon in Arizona.  Following his footsteps all four of his sons are entreprenuers and own their own salon including Society Salon in Old Town, Scottsdale

Gerry now focuses his time helping and coaching local businesses owners on mindset and success sharing his vast experience and expertise.   Gerry is also NLP certified trainer and John Maxwell leadership coach.

Dian Oved is the founder of Empower-Digital

Having worked in both corporate and Hollywood settings, Dian is a leader in handling and repositioning companies and talent into a more powerful paradigm, in order to maximize exposure.  In understanding the power of social media and PR as a vital positioning tool to thrive and increase network access; brands and individuals can create exponentially more powerful connections by understanding the intricacies of social media.  

Founded in 2011, the mission of Empower-Digital is to empower individuals and companies to expand their businesses through authentic, intelligent, precise, and balanced creative marketing.

Tim McGeehan is founder and managing director of

Tim and Fastrack guide small to medium size companies with their proven performance system, enabling them to get faster results and develop capable leaders.  The Fastrack coaches help leaders navigate the waters of change management while focusing on the skills, tactics and tools it takes to be a high performing team.

Tim is an industry veteran who has helped companies like Best Buy, where he began his career and was also responsible for 125,000 employees and $40 billion in sales when he was appointed Executive Vice President of Retail Sales and in charge of all U.S. sales and operations

Regina Revazova is the founder of            Open Conversation

Regina reported for BBC and produced local, national and international news and talk shows for NPR.  In 2017, she launched Open Conversation, a podcast production network that creates highly edited and beautifully designed podcasts for businesses, educational institutions and non-profits.  Among her clients are ESPN, NBA, Arizona State University and Turner Classic Movies.  

Cahill Camden is the chairman of Digital Vision Medial Group and the active CEO of Byte Media Group.

In his executive role at Byte Media Group, Cahill focuses on topp-of-funnel marketing that helps accelerate business through human-to-human connections.  Through a focus on lead-generation, prospecting and advertising, Bype Media continues to drive exponential growth for companies across the globe with their innovative sales frameworks, lead generation technologies, and prospecting systems.

Cahill is also a #1 International Bestselling Author with his latest book Decoding Digital:  What Is Cryptocurrency, and advises early-stage technology companies and founders.  

David Silvernale is the Senior Marketing Manager at Raving Fan Marketing Agency

Although David is involved with nearly every aspect of the marketing process, his primary focus is on helping local businesses improve their Local Map Rankings and getting more clients. David’s clear passion for people’s stories and gaining better local business insights has led to hundreds of new customers for our clients.

Having had his own business since the age of 14, as well as helping develop the Brand Strategy and Operational Direction of his family’s business, David is also heavily involved in the development of our client’s brand messaging and website development.

Proven Results For Businesses Just Like Yours


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